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10 Everyday Driving Tips That Will Extend Your Vehicle’s Life

While regular maintenance can most certainly help with the appearance and lifespan of your car, we’ve found that daily driving habits can also play a big part! If you’re the type to drive full speed ahead (no matter what’s in front of you), and find yourself dropping by shops like the ones we supply to, we have some tips that you might find helpful!

If you’re interested to know how experts of the industry keep their car in good shape without spending a fortune, keep reading!

  1. Avoid Potholes
    This may be obvious to some, but you’d be surprised how often people drive right through them! Potholes are damaging to both your tires and wheels as the repetitive impact inflicted on your vehicle will damage the suspension and steering components. Next time you see one, either avoid it completely, or slow down!
  2. Make Smooth Transitions
    Rather than making panic stops all the time, start braking earlier than you normally do. Not only will this keep your car stable when moving, but it will also help enhance the durability of your vehicle’s components. Not to mention, you could avoid a potential collision! By making smooth transitions like this, your brakes can actually work as intended, and thus last longer… while ensuring your vehicle remains dent free!
  3. Don’t Follow Trucks Too Closely
    As the driver of your vehicle, you can choose how close you follow the pesky trucks you’re stuck behind! Not only is it always safer to leave a greater distance in between, but being further away will also spare your vehicle from flying rocks and other debris. Over time, these things will damage the paint job, headlights, and windshield!
  4. Pay Attention on the Roads
    As important as it is to see where you’re going, it’s equally as important to spot what’s on the road itself. Next time you see strange items on the road, don’t just drive through them, as they could damage your tires or bounce against the underside of the car which is never a good thing! If it’s a really big object or hazard, it could end up scratching the paint of your car. Avoid them carefully!
  5. Don’t Rush It!
    If it’s cold out, take it easy on your vehicle for the first few miles! Try not to overwork the engine as it attempts to be brought up to normal operating temperatures. Doing this will not only save you from premature wear and tear, but it will help you save some fuel as well!
  6. Slow Down for Tracks
    The impact your wheels, tires and overall car take from driving over railroad tracks can be incredibly damaging over time. Slowing down when approaching might make you 10 seconds late to your appointment, but we promise those 10 seconds are worth it! With little to no damage, you’ll be saving yourself hundreds of dollars in repair fees, down the road!
  7. Make a Full Stop
    Often times when we’re in a rush, we’ll change gears into reverse while the car is still moving. Take the time to wait for your vehicle to come to a full stop, and avoid premature transmission failure! This rule applies when shifting to Park as well!
  8. Don’t Just Stand There!
    Try to only steer the car when it’s in movement to prevent future steering rack failure. Even when doing a parallel parking maneuver, get the car rolling slightly before turning the wheel. Save your tires from tremendous stress by not putting the entire weight of your vehicle on it when steering!
  9. Complete Errands in 1 Round
    If you can, try to run all your errands in 1 trip! Nothing is more damaging for an engine than being turned on and off 4 times a day, especially under cold conditions. By doing this, your car will be under less pressure and will be able to operate under normal operating temperatures! Also, it will save you time and effort!
  10. Drive Safely!
    No matter the conditions, be sure to drive safely. Laws are in place to keep us (and everyone around us) in 1 piece! Don’t speed or drive too slowly, as both are equally dangerous. This might seem obvious, but you’ll save thousands just by driving safely and not getting into accidents!

Take these tips with you on the road the next time you drive and witness the difference it will make over time.

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