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10 Strange Car Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Think you’re an expert in all things cars? Maybe it’s time to think again! For well over a hundred years, the automotive industry has changed the way we move around the the world. With an existence spanning over a century, there is undoubtedly a huge amount of knowledge from the industry that can be consumed. From passersby to motorheads alike, we are sure that there’s at least 1 fact in here that you probably didn’t know! Keep reading for some fun, yet strange car facts to expand your mind:

1. Ohio Claimed The First Accident Ever Recorded In History

In 1891, engineer James Lambert ran into a little trouble while driving one of his early inventions, a gasoline-powered buggy. After hitting a tree root sticking out of the ground, Lambert lost control and the vehicle swerved, then crashed into a hitching post. Ouch!

2. The Original Honda CRV Came With A Picnic Table

Today, the Honda CRV comes fully loaded with remarkable car features such as Vehicle Stability Assist and Honda Eco Assist. However, did you know that back then, the first and second generations of Hondas only came with a standard flip-out picnic table? While we appreciate the practicality of it, we think we still prefer our innovative upgrades today!

3. The Ford GT is So Strong That During The “Roof Crush” Test, it Broke The Crushing Machine

Have you ever passed a test with flying colors? Well, the Ford GT can relate! When it first went into testing, the vehicle, in fact, broke the crushing machine with its remarkably strong roof. Can you say super car?

4. When The Car Radio Was First Introduced, Some States Wanted it Banned

Back then, it was argued that the incorporation of radios would distract drivers and cause accidents! If only they could look at us now, right? Fully loaded and equipped with GPS and Bluetooth features – but we’re not complaining!

5. In Russia, it is A Criminal Offence To Drive Around In A Dirty Car

Not as strange as the other facts, but could you imagine going to jail for this?

6. The Ignition On Porsches Are Always On The Left

Predominantly used as racing cars back in the day, the left sided ignition was said to help drivers save time! It was originally designed so that drivers could start the car with their left hand while shifting into gear with their right. We still think it sounds like a sure win vehicle!

7. The Largest Land Vehicle On Earth Weighs Over 45,000 Tons

The Bagger 288 excavator is the largest land vehicle in the world and was created to move massive amounts of earth. Weighing as much as 7.5 elephants, this excavator measures over 300 feet tall and is more than 700 feet long!

8. An Estimated 60 Million Cars Are Made Each Year

This means that over 165,000 cars are being manufactured on a daily basis! Are you surprised? Toyota alone makes produces approximately 27,397 a day!

9. One Horse Does Not Have One Horsepower

The number of “horsepower” advertised with cars is simply a basic unit of measurement for mechanical power. In fact, some manufacturers involve converting one horsepower to 745 watts, or 33,000 foot-pounds of torque per minute in a physical conversion. According to those numbers, this means a real horse averages only about .7 horsepower!

10. The Average Car is Made Up Of 30,000 Parts

It might seem unbelievable at first, but once you start calculating equipment like side panels and interior screws, you can imagine how the numbers start to tally up. While many will proudly boast about how they can name every part of a vehicle, we’d challenge them to think again!
Which one of these strange car facts caught you off guard? We’d love to hear! For helpful advice and information on automotive refinishing products, feel free to contact a Martin Auto Color location near you!

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