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5 Safety Tips for California Winter Travel


As many of you know, California is a state full of various climates. Ranging from snowy and cold in the Sierras, to sunny or rainy in the coastal areas, to even desert climates, we’ve got it all! This winter, as you drive around your community or plan your family holiday road trip, it is important to keep the following car safety tips in mind before you head out!

1. Patience is key

We understand that winter is a time of bad driving conditions due to storms, rain, even ice and snow, which makes winter the season of delays! As a result, stress increases and patience decreases, often leading to bad driving and accidents. Thus, taking deep breaths and focusing on the road, while avoiding bad drivers are the keys to staying safe.

2. Take your time!

Patience for other drivers is only half the battle. Whatever your climate may be, this season is full of people in a rush, often causing accidents! That’s why it is important to drive according to the speed limits in order to reach your destination safely. Not to mention, rain or snow at this time of year can make for even more terrible road conditions. Speeding in bad weather is not a good idea, so we suggest planning to leave a bit earlier in order to arrive to your destination safely on time.

3. Check That Everything Works

The worst thing that can happen while on the road during the bad weather of the winter months is finding out that something in your car isn’t working. Thus, it is important to check your wiper blades, lights, tire pressure, and fluids often to ensure that they’re working as they should. This helps you avoid any surprises that you’ll have to deal with on the side of the road, in the dark, when it’s cold! Your wiper blades should be able to completely clean your windshield and if a blade leaves streaks, it means that it is time to replace. Your car lights should all be working properly, and if not, you must replace them immediately. Check your tire pressure regularly during the winter months, because as the temperature decreases, so will your tire pressure. Lastly, make sure your fluids are topped up to the required amount.

4. Carry an Emergency Road Kit

It never hurts to be both cautious and prepared for all situations, especially during the winter, even if you rarely need it! A good road site kid includes drinking water, a first-aid kit, a few granola bars, a basic tool kit, warning devices, and winter ready items like a snow shovel and blankets. It might not even hurt to throw in an extra pair of socks!

5. Chains!

If you are planning to drive in the eastern Sierra mountains, it is a good idea to carry chains. Driving conditions have been proven unpredictable in this area, and using chain controls will ensure a much safer drive. Just make sure you pull over as far as you can when installing your chains, as to not get hit by passing drivers.

We at Martin Auto Color want you to stay safe this winter season! In the instance that you do find yourself in a car collision, let us point you to one of our partner body shops in your area. See a full list of our locations here.

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