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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution if you haven’t already! 2017 is here and change is in the air! This year, we propose a very simple yet effective goal focused on your vehicle. All of us use (and abuse) our cars every day to get to and from work, as well as run errands. We want to challenge you to give your vehicle the love it deserves by keeping it well maintained all year round!

Don’t know how? Don’t worry – we’ve laid out your resolutions for you:

“This year, I will keep the inside of my car clean”

Nothing is less appealing to passengers than a vehicle covered in trash, dust and crumbs! Pick a nice sunny day to go outside and vacuum out all the mats and seats and to use damp rags to wipe down the dust and grime off your dashboard. If the weather gets a little too extreme to fully clean out your vehicle, work hard to eliminate amount of trash you leave in your to maintain a level of cleanliness that your passengers will appreciate. Ensure that your car stays nicer, longer, by committing to this goal! It’s as easy as keeping a small trash bin or bag in your vehicle, and emptying it when you stop to get gas!

“This year, I will be proactive”
If you hear strange and unfamiliar sounds coming from your vehicle, don’t ignore it! This year, make a vow to be more attentive to your vehicle’s suspicious behaviour. Remember, if you’re hearing sounds, there’s likely something wrong with it! Whether it be a faulty transmission, a head gasket ready to blow or something worse, being proactive about the “little things” can save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

“This year, I will take my car to routine servicings”
Don’t be the person who thinks their car is invincible. If your vehicle is your only reliable source of transportation, please invest in it! Getting your car serviced bi-annually will not only keep it in prime condition, but will also keep you constantly aware of any issues that might be in the innocent early stages.

“This year, I will keep my fluids topped up”
While blood keeps humans alive and well, fluids do the same for vehicles. By making sure your coolant and wiper fluids are always topped off, you’ll never have to worry about driving blind on the roads or having motor oil unexpectedly splash all over your windshield! Also try to keep some extra stashed in your trunk, just in case.

“This year, I will be consciously aware of my tire’s conditions”
The last place any of us would want to be this winter is on the side of the road with a dead vehicle. Don’t let your tires blow out on the way to work because you neglected the low tire warning! Stay in control of your tires by keeping them filled up, and keep an eye out for bald spots. With temperatures as low as they are this time of the year, you could find yourself in some trouble.

“This year, I will listen to my service advisor”
Popular to contrary belief, technicians and service advisors aren’t around to over-charge you or suggest unneeded repairs for your vehicle. Rather, as their title suggests, they are there to advise you and make sure that both you and your vehicle can safely travel the roads! These guys know what they’re talking about, so the next time you encounter a suggestion from them, go through with it! We work with some great shops who know their stuff.

It’s never too late to start a new resolution, and it’s never been easier than this to do it. Keep your car clean, serviced, and oil, and you’ll be good to travel all year round.

For all your automotive refinishing needs, contact a Martin Auto Color location near you! Our staff will be happy to help.

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