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PPG™ Color Trends for 2016

color paletteThe 2016 PPG color trend is Odyssey this year according to Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager at PPG Architectural Coatings US and Canada.

With each New Year, consumers and industry experts search for the one color that will dominate trends for the year ahead. As PPG color experts looked into the trending colors for 2016 they experienced several emerging themes for home décor in 2016, encouraging them to name a palette of the year, which represents their strong portfolio of leading paint brands.

This year, the words that repeatedly came into focus were changes, newness, adaptation and discovery, so PPG experts opted for the overarching theme of Odyssey to represent the adventurous experience our fast-changing world is creating for everyone.

There are four 2016 Color Trends from PPG.

Trend 1: I’m Perfect

Consumers are beginning to fall in love with uniqueness and celebrate the beauty that can be found within so-called imperfections. Like the imperfections we all celebrate, the hues in this theme are perfectly imperfect in that many of them are blends of colors or heavily shaded, such as Sienna Red (PPG1057-6) and Warm Wassail (PPG1062-7).

All, however, were selected to convey a palette that was nature-inspired, slightly bohemian, and yet would offer both ease and elegance in contemporary environments.

Trend 2: Hyper HD

Hyper HD much like I’m Perfect, borrows an element of its design sensibility from the late ‘70s, yet from there the two themes are exceptionally different.

This theme takes the bohemian elements from the I’m Perfect palette and adds disco-era dazzle. Hyper HD celebrates a glamorous lifestyle that’s social, gregarious, stylish, luxurious, eclectic and sophisticated. That disco-era dazzle is evident in the color palette, which is punctuated by saturated rainbow bright, exotic dark and a wealth of mixed yellow, including Mediterranean Blue (PPG1236-7), Bleeding Heart (PPG1185-5) and Acorn Squash (PPG1212-6). A handful of tinted whites, like Bamboo (PPG1111-2), add light to the group.

Trend 3: Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams offers a soft, retreating story that conveys a sense of tranquility, calmness and peacefulness. Born from a rising consumer interest in sanctuary and privacy from the increasingly connected world, this theme soothes and offers a spirit of ease.

The saturated brights, found in the other color palettes, are replaced with washed-out pastels in tender tones of pink, purple, blue and green, such as Volcanic Ash (PPG1012-6) and Geyser (PPG1138-2). Muted darks like Chocolate Moment (PPG1077-5) and clean neutrals like Mother of Pearl (PPG1100-1) work to balance the palette from appearing too ethereal and dreamy.

Trend 4: Knight’s Watch

Knight’s Watch is characterized by a design sensibility that is edgy, structural, masculine, dark and sturdy. Drawn from consumers’ increasing desire for safety and security, the elements of this theme work together to convey strength and protection. The colors selected are primarily dark and neutral in nature, including Sautéed Mushroom (PPG1085-5) and Knight’s Armor (PPG1001-6). Ample grays and browns in varying shades and tonalities are equally serious and safe. Deep reds, blues and greens provide an energy while maintaining a mature aesthetic.

The 2016 PPG The Voice of Color of the Year, Paradise Found, is also part of the Knight’s Watch color palette — yet it has the flexibility to work well within any of the four color trend themes offered.

PPG The Voice of Color program is the color platform for the PPG Paints and PPG Pittsburgh Paints brands. Paradise Found (PPG1135-5) is a serious green that is nurturing as well as sturdy and protective. While Paradise Found appears quiet and muffled, it provides a sense of strength and organic energy that is reminiscent of military and natural environments. Keeping in mind the conscious awareness in society of an increasing need for security and development of personal strength, consumers who prefer this color likely wish to create a space that is naturally beautiful and reassuringly safe. It is edgy, yet still comforting, and is inspired by the urban military trends seen on fashion runways.

Choosing a color that suits your needs is no simple task. No matter what palette or hue you are looking for, Martin Auto Color is sure to deliver!

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