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Three Virtual Car Shows to check out

So many car shows and events have been canceled or postponed until September here in Southern California that your car enthusiast world is coming to an end, right? Nope – the enthusiast community is coming together and adapting to the pandemic very well. These three virtual car shows are worth your time to check out; they may help your itch to leave the house and be around your favorite classic cars or customs. Moreover, these car shows allow you to enter your own car and have it featured before a global audience without even leaving your house!

Radwood Offers VRadwood

Radwood, the festival that has been celebrating the best of the ’80s and ’90s for years, has now gone virtual for its car shows. Show organizers are hosting a series of virtual car shows throughout the pandemic, and you can submit your photos on Instagram or through the show website here.

DUB Magazine’s DUB Show Worldwide

DUB Magazine has gone virtual with the cancellation of its DUB Show Worldwide tour. The virtual car show contains 15 categories, including lifted Jeeps, sports cars, compact cars, low-riders, and “donks.” You can submit your vehicles on the DUB website, and winners are selected based on the amount of likes each vehicle gets on the website. Learn More..

Holley Virtual Car Shows

Since April 6th, Holley has been holding virtual car shows every week. Each week, there is a different category of vehicles, and you can enter your vehicles on the website to be a part of the car shows. Visit the website here to see what category is next.

These virtual car shows are awesome! Although you are not there in person, all the details and visuals are there for you to enjoy! We are like you and cannot wait until the day we can go to our favorite local car shows and car meets. Until then, we can all enjoy them virtually!

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