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Committed to lasting relationships through honesty, loyalty and respect.


Committed to lasting relationships through honesty, loyalty and respect.


OrderLinx is an extranet website that conveniently extends ComCept.NET directly into the hands of body shops and remote sales personnel.

How It Works

  1. Customers, or sales representatives, enter orders directly from the shop on any PC with an internet connection.
  2. OrderLinx orders are then immediately available to ComCept.NET.
  3. Customers can now run reports and create orders on demand.


  • OrderLinx enables you to place orders onsite and track them with ease.
  • Customers are able to remotely view and print valuable reports and invoices.
  • Previous orders placed via OrderLinx can be "Cloned" as new orders.
  • Newly cloned orders can then be changed and adjusted as needed.
  • Customers can easily create new orders or duplicate previous orders based on references to their stored order history.
  • Customers can add special instructions and PO numbers to orders, ensuring that all orders are completed in an organized and error-free manner.

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